EDM Resin Solutions

Our company is a deionization/resin regeneration business. Nationwide DI Water Solutions recycles and regenerates resin for companies who have a need for pure water. Resin is placed into DI Cells, bags, drums, or totes and shipped to your company. As the resin is used and is depleted of its pure quality, it is returned to Nationwide for regeneration. Companies that regenerate their resin repeatedly versus purchasing virgin resin each time can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Recycling resin also saves on the waste of using resin once and throwing it out, making our environment safer and cleaner.

We have two separate 60 cubic foot regeneration plants within our building. One plant is used for potable (#1) resin regeneration and the second, is used strictly for machine grade (#2) resin.

The machine grade resin plant is used to regenerate machine grade resin and encompasses the majority of our business. Machine grade resin is used in closed loop systems and is cycled repeatedly before it becomes exhausted and needs to be regenerated. Businesses who might need machine grade resin include:

  • EDM (Electrical Discharge Machines)
  • Water Jet
  • Hole Poppers
  • Lasers
  • Makeup Water
  • Coolant Mix

Both types of resin become exhausted and need regeneration companies such as Nationwide DI Water Solutions to regenerate the resin and return it back to them.

Nationwide DI Water Solutions
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