Our focus is to continually educate ourselves and keep up with new technology so we can always produce the best quality resin at a low cost to our customers.

Resin Regeneration Technology

Nationwide DI Water Solutions uses a method known in the industry as batch processing to regenerate resins. Exhausted resin is emptied into a batch tank separation vessel. The resin is put through a computer-controlled regeneration process where flows and chemicals are measured and monitored. It is then determined that, when properly operated, the batch method is the most cost effective method for service DI regenerations.

Hydrochloric (HCL) or Sulfuric Acid is used to regenerate cation resin. At Nationwide DI Water Solutions, we use HCL in order to offer our customers the best product in the industry. Hydrochloric acid has the advantage of providing higher capacities than sulfuric acid, but it is more expensive. Sulfuric acid also has the potential to cause calcium sulfate fouling of the cation resin.

Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) is the chemical of choice for most anion regenerations. While potassium hydroxide can also work very well, it usually costs more than the equally effective sodium hydroxide. Nationwide DI uses caustic soda in their regeneration processes.

Recycled resin saves you about 50% of the cost of buying new resin every time.

Save time, money, & mother earth

The exact concentration of the chemical and flow rates are very important to guarantee the quality of resin regeneration. Maintaining proper concentration is important because:

  • If the strength is too high, there will be either insufficient contact time or bed cleaning.
  • If the strength is too low, there will not be sufficient driving force to do a complete regeneration.

Nationwide DI Water Solutions is committed to our customers, which is why we have provided the following resources to help you understand water treatment and what we do.

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