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Providing Top-Quality Resin Regeneration and Water Deionization for Industries Throughout the United States

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We see the value in servicing a variety of industries as is essential to the optimal functioning of businesses throughout the country. Currently, we service businesses and corporations in machining, industrial, and spotless rinse applications. We encourage you to contact Nationwide DI Water Solutions for your project no matter the size or industry; we guarantee our team will provide you with outstanding service every time


Electrical discharge machining and machine-grade resin regeneration.


Water deionization for manufacturing and industrial applications.

Spotless Rinse Water

High-purity deionized water


Machine grade resin is regenerated at our machine grade resin plant, and this production is one that encompasses a majority of our business. Machine grade resin is typically utilized in closed loop systems and is cycled repeatedly before becoming exhausted and needs regeneration. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a machining method primarily used to remove metals from water. This method works with materials that are electrically conductive. Wire EDM is most commonly used in mold and die manufacturing processes, particularly for extrusion dies and blanking punches. EDM can be used in everything from prototypes to full production runs, and is most often used to manufacture metal components and tools. If your machine grade resin is ready to be regenerated, contact us today.

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High purity, deionized water is a necessity in a variety of industry focuses from dental and medical labs to dairy processing and power plants. This water may be used to cool and lubricate machines as well as other applications in industrial and manufacturing settings. Deionized water is commonly used to top up the lead-acid batteries used in cars, trucks, and forklifts. The presence of foreign ions commonly found in tap water will drastically shorten the lifespan of a lead-acid battery. Some industrial processes, notably in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, need large amounts of very pure water. In these situations, feedwater is first processed into purified water and further processed to produce ultrapure water.

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Spotless Rinse Water

Many businesses utilize deionized water to adequately service the general public, and attractions. These businesses range from professional and automatic car washing companies to saltwater aquariums and professional carpet cleaning services. Deionized water allows for effective window washing as water from the tap contains many impurities that cause spotting, staining, and unnecessary streaking.

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