Waterjet Cutting

High pressure, deionized water, is utilized in waterjet cutting to erode various materials from tool steel and titanium to foam and glass. The stream of water has a 94,000 psi, thus giving it the capability to cut virtually any material no matter the thickness. Many industries, such as machinery shops, educational training, aerospace, food processing equipment, and testing environments, utilize waterjet cutting because of its fast results and capability to work with non-conductive materials. Compared to EDM, waterjet cutting is more cost-efficient, which encourages more businesses to utilize this method.

Pure Water Cutting

This waterjet cutting method is commonly used for soft materials from foam and plastic to automotive interiors and insulation. The water is pressurized to an ultra-high level and forced through a small orifice to form a powerful cutting stream and precision cutting tool.

Abrasive Water Cutting

This waterjet cutting method is commonly used for hard materials from ceramic and stone to metal and glass. Since these materials are unlikely to be cut with water only, the water nozzle is replaced with an abrasive cutting head. The high-velocity water stream that is produced creates a vacuum that draws the cutting head into a mixing chamber, creating a powerful abrasive jet stream.

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