EDM Hole Poppers

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a system that utilizes electrical discharges to shape and develop materials ranging in density. EDM hole poppers or small hole drilling has many different uses such as developing complex shapes, drilling precise holes in metal, developing injection nozzles in molds, and coolant holes for tooling. High-pressure dielectric fluid or deionized water enters through a hollow electrode and exits through the electrode guide to remove eroded particles. The pressure created during EDM small hole drilling is up to ten times more than sinker EDM. Deionized water is commonly utilized as an insulator between the electrode and the workpiece. Businesses use deionized water because it encourages a higher metal removal rate and optimizes the machine’s ability to deliver more precise cuts.

Application and Use Cases

Many companies throughout the United States use EDM hole poppers to put rows of holes in the turbine blades of jet engines to allow the engines to be used at higher temperatures. EDM hole poppers are a cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods such as a grinder, cutting tools, or end mill. EDM hole poppers can be used for a variety of materials, making it an extremely versatile tool for machining, industrial, and window washing companies across the country. EDM services are often combined with additional advanced machining processes to create even more efficient solutions.

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